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Is Your Facility Prepared for Hurricane Season?
July 19, 2023 Bill Schaphorst

Is Your Facility Prepared for Hurricane Season?

Whether it’s your first season or your 20th season maintaining a facility in a hurricane zone, continuous review on how to prepare for one of these catastrophic weather events can mean the difference between minor damage or major destruction for your business.

Dr. Gavin Macgregor-Skinner ISSA Alert CMM
July 17, 2023 Jeff Cross

Blood on a Plane: The Hazards and Risks for Travelers

For this ISSA Cleaning Industry Alert, Dr. Gavin Macgregor-Skinner, senior director of the Global Biorisk Advisory Council® (GBAC), a Division of ISSA, discusses what should happen when blood contaminates a plane.

PDI Core Concepts of Disinfection
July 17, 2023 Sponsored by PDI

Core Concepts of Disinfection

Watch this free webinar, sponsored by PDI, to learn how to implement effective cleaning and disinfection processes that break the chain of transmission in facilities.

The Connection Between Cleaning and Facility Image
July 13, 2023 Keith Schneringer

The Connection Between Cleaning and Facility Image

Better cleaning results contribute to improved facility image as well as improved occupant wellness.


Modern office building interior
July 7, 2023 Dr. Gavin Macgregor-Skinner

Ever-Present Germs in Buildings

As with any place on earth, microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi) exist in the air, on surfaces—and on building materials. Acknowledging that germs are ever-present in buildings can be the first step in dealing with them properly.

Woman feeling ill at work
July 6, 2023 Doug Hoffman

Protecting Employees from Poor IAQ

Everyone reacts differently to inside air quality (IAQ) issues: While one employee might sneeze, another might get a headache, and yet a third might have no reaction at all.

natural disaster
June 12, 2023 Bryan Christiansen

Prepare Your Facility for a Natural Disaster

Identify which natural disasters pose the greatest threat to your facility before making a plan. The most successful natural disaster management systems are comprehensive with a risk-focused strategy.

Are Allergens Underfoot in Your Facility?
May 24, 2023 Jennifer Whelan

Are Allergens Underfoot in Your Facility?

People or activity can kick the dust and allergens from the floor into the air—therefore into the “breathing zone” for sensitive individuals.

Disposable gloves, PPE
May 22, 2023 Eric Phipps

Hands-On PPE Advice

Whether you’re an environmental services worker in a hospital or a custodian in a school or office, the first piece of personal protective equipment (PPE) you most likely reach for is a pair of disposable gloves.

May 5, 2023 Robert Kravitz

Understanding and Preparing for International Business Travel Risks

Kidnappings, theft, and violence are real risks in any overseas travel, yet many professionals make international business trips without much thought or preparation for these situations.

spring cleaning
April 24, 2023 Doug Flaig

Prepare Your Spring-Cleaning Pitch

Deep cleaning can be done at any time of year, but as many people associate it with the spring season, it behooves commercial cleaning companies to capitalize on that with their current clients, as well as use a spring-cleaning pitch to attract new customers.

fire safety, fire prevention
April 17, 2023 Emily Newton

Take an Active and Passive Approach to Fire Protection

Both active fire protection systems, which detect and respond to flames, and passive systems, which protect buildings against damage, are essential for a complete fire safety strategy.

global footprint, sustainability, environmental
March 22, 2023 Bryan Christiansen

Set Your Route for Going Green

Setting up green cleaning processes in your facility's maintenance protocols will help you achieve higher customer satisfaction, preserve your employees’ health, and improve indoor air quality.

pigeons, pests, birds
March 20, 2023 Brandon Thorsell

Make Your Facility Uninhabitable to Pests

Following a regular decluttering, cleaning, and exterior maintenance protocol is crucial in preventing pest infestations.

sick, absenteeism, illness
March 13, 2023 Joshua Schwartz

Keeping Your Workers Healthy

Employee absenteeism, often caused by health challenges, costs U.S employers a staggering $575 billion per year. The proper use of cleaning products can help reduce employee absences and boost productivity.

EPA Safer Choice
March 2, 2023

EPA’s Safer Choice Program and the Cleaning Industry: The Next Big Move

ISSA Media Director Jeff Cross chats with Jennie Romer, EPA deputy assistant administrator for pollution prevention, and David Widawsky, division director for the EPA’s office of chemical safety and pollution prevention, regarding the EPA Safer Choice program.