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Dr. Gavin Macgregor-Skinner ISSA Alert CMM
July 17, 2023 Jeff Cross

Blood on a Plane: The Hazards and Risks for Travelers

For this ISSA Cleaning Industry Alert, Dr. Gavin Macgregor-Skinner, senior director of the Global Biorisk Advisory Council® (GBAC), a Division of ISSA, discusses what should happen when blood contaminates a plane.

PDI Core Concepts of Disinfection
July 17, 2023 Sponsored by PDI

Core Concepts of Disinfection

Watch this free webinar, sponsored by PDI, to learn how to implement effective cleaning and disinfection processes that break the chain of transmission in facilities.

Modern office building interior
July 7, 2023 Dr. Gavin Macgregor-Skinner

Ever-Present Germs in Buildings

As with any place on earth, microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi) exist in the air, on surfaces—and on building materials. Acknowledging that germs are ever-present in buildings can be the first step in dealing with them properly.

GBACtv CDC AIQ guidelines
June 5, 2023

Cleaning Industry IAQ Experts Analyze New CDC Ventilation Guidelines for COVID-19

In this episode of BioTalk, a GBACtv production, ISSA Media Director Jeff Cross talks to four inside air quality (IAQ) experts to get their take on the newest ventilation guidelines from the CDC, designed to help prevent the transmission of COVID-19.


Improve IAQ with HVAC Upgrades and Maintenance
May 10, 2023 Emily Wright

Improve IAQ with HVAC Upgrades and Maintenance

Indoor air quality (IAQ) should and will continue to be a primary focus for facility managers and building owners serious about maintaining a healthy environment.

Straight Talk! PDI
May 4, 2023 Sponsored by PDI

Leading the Charge: PDI’s Innovative, Comprehensive Solutions

Cleaning and disinfecting wipes are essential for environmental services (EVS) workers, housekeepers, and those in the jansan industry. In this episode of Straight Talk!, sponsored by PDI, learn more about the innovative infection prevention products PDI provides to the cleaning industry.

Germ Busters Webinar
March 3, 2023

Germ Busters: Ongoing Strategies for Clean & Healthy Facilities

Watch this hour-long webinar replay for practical tips that will help you stay on track with infection prevention in your facility.

How Clean Are K–12 Schools?
February 6, 2023 Tim Poskin

How Clean Are K–12 Schools?

As of 2020, there were 130,930 recorded K–12 schools in the United States, according to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). However, there are few regulations or standards to determine how schools are cleaned and staffed.

Examining the State of Infection Prevention in 2023
February 1, 2023 Kathleen Misovic

Examining the State of Infection Prevention in 2023

Between 2012 and 2017, deaths from antimicrobial resistance decreased by 18% overall and nearly 30% in hospitals, according to a CDC report regarding the impact of COVID-19 on antimicrobial resistance. Unfortunately, much of this progress was short-lived.

environmental services, EVS
January 3, 2023 Kathleen Misovic

Consider the Human Factor in Environmental Cleaning

Analyzing human factors among environmental services staff can reveal gaps in cleaning processes in health care facilities.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions - Ionization
November 23, 2022 Jeff Cross

Indoor Air Quality Solutions: Ionization

In this first of a series of Straight Talk! episodes on indoor air quality (IAQ), ISSA Media Director Jeff Cross talks with Dr. Gavin Macgregor-Skinner, Senior Director of GBAC, and Doug Hoffman, the executive director of NORMI, to discuss IAQ ionization technology.

Don’t Forget About the Flu
November 9, 2022 Doug Flaig

Don’t Forget About the Flu

Health officials are preparing to see influenza numbers rise for the 2022–2023 season and are reminding people to get their annual flu shot to protect themselves and slow community-wide spread.

October 31, 2022 Michael Wilson

’Tis the Season…for Norovirus

Norovirus season is from November to April. Learning how to properly clean up a norovirus spill will protect the health of both the building inhabitants and the facility's cleaning staff.

Priya Pandya-Orozco and Gina Nissinoff at O'Connor Hospital
September 28, 2022 Patricia LaCroix

Working Hand in Hand to Combat COVID-19

At O’Connor Hospital in Santa Clara County, California, two departments—Environmental Services (EVS) and Infection Prevention and Control (IPC)—worked together and successfully bridged the gap between EVS staff knowledge and the information they needed to act appropriately against COVID-19.

hand hygiene, washing hands, handwashing
August 31, 2022 Patricia LaCroix

How Facility Managers Can Encourage Better Hand Hygiene

Facility managers can use the promotion of good hand hygiene to help reduce the occurrence of illnesses in the buildings they serve.

indoor air quality
August 3, 2022 Kathleen Misovic

Is the Breathing Easy in Your Facility?

In March, the Biden administration launched the Clean Air in Buildings Challenge (CABC), calling on building owners and managers to adopt strategies for improving indoor air quality.